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A Changing Financial Path

In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive marketplace, revenue at the expense of everything else no longer ensures your corporation’s long-term financial success. Great product companies are finding themselves in financial trouble, even bankruptcy. As a result, the old days of financial silos (inwardly focused finance departments) and short-term management of a company’s financial statements to meet analyst expectations are long past.

At Box One, we help companies bridge the “financial knowledge” gap between the finance organization and operational units, such as manufacturing, sales, marketing and human resources. Through our training, consulting and research practices, we partner with organizations to align finance and operations for long-term, profitable performance through the use of:


Individualized financial skill and communication assessments


Solid financial training that focuses “beyond the numbers” and


A common financial language that both financial professionals, operational managers and executives can utilize

Targeted at both financial- and non-financial managers, we help you understand the impact your decisions have on your overall corporate financial health and provide you with a framework to make positive, strategic financial decisions. Our knowledgeable experts produce quality results using the simple, easy-to-understand Box One Methodology™. This methodology organizes the financials into meaningful statements and approaches all analysis with a strategic and operational focus. It also allows management at all organizational levels to quickly understand different financial challenges, their operational implications, and then rapidly communicate using a shared financial “understanding”.


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