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Gudrun Granholm

Gudrun is the founder and CEO of Box One, Inc., a firm specializing in custom financial training, financial skill assessments and related financial consulting for “operational” professionals, managers and executives. She has devoted her career to helping managers quickly understand the financials from a strategic perspective.  The training and consulting connects manager’s decisions and actions with their impact on the financials in order to develop the “total company view”, not just the silo view. The Box One Model™, developed by Gudrun, allows communication across all levels of the organization in order to drive optimal financial performance.

 Gudrun is a powerful and effective trainer and facilitator.  She is a thought leader in financial communication and brings to each engagement the practical, real-world experience of a seasoned CFO, blended with a great desire to help managers understand “what’s behind the numbers”.  Gudrun has developed specialty industry expertise in technology, medical and retail/distribution industries.

Prior to founding Box One, Gudrun served in a variety of financial roles, from financial analyst, controller to CFO/CEO over a 25 year period, including The Washington Post Company and The Smithsonian.  Her training and consulting includes engagements with Fortune 500 organizations, universities and associations. Gudrun received her BA from Harvard University and her MBA from Stanford University Business School.

Cathy Brewer


Cathy is currently the Business Development Manager for Box One, Inc., a financial training firm focused on the development of operational managers and executives. With a strong history of working with both Fortune 500 and mid-market companies, Cathy possesses a well-rounded knowledge of the business challenges facing the customer and understands what it takes to develop an effective business solution that meets the customer’s unique needs. In her sales role, Cathy is responsible for customer needs assessment, proposal generation, and ongoing client management. In her research role, Cathy is responsible for coordinating the financial assessment consulting practice, as well as conducting financial metrics benchmark studies.

Prior to joining Box One, Cathy served as Executive Vice President at Hahn Consulting, a services sales and marketing consulting firm. During her nine year career at Hahn Consulting, Cathy advanced from her initial position as Research Analyst, to Director of Research, and subsequently, Vice President. Cathy assisted technology clients such as HP, Oracle, Unisys, NCR, Motorola, and Sun Microsystems with various aspects of selling, marketing, research, strategic planning, and customer service. In addition to consulting, Cathy was also responsible for business development and financial management. In 1996 and 1998, she co-authored and published the "Best Practices of World Class Service Marketing Organizations".  

Prior to Hahn Consulting, Cathy was a senior manager with Macy’s of California. Cathy received her B.S. in Management from the University of Oregon.

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